Absurd Nurds

Absurd Nurd - Burt

Absurd Nurds

A Collection of 151 NFT Pixel Art Nurds

absurd nurd

[ ab-suuur-duh nuuur-duh ]

noun  –  slang

  1. undeterred genius who doesn’t listen to negativity
  2. someone who achieves difficult things and is at the top of their game
  3. a degenerate NFT hodler

The story of the Absurd Nurds

After 16 hours of work, 7 days in a row and under a constant bombardment of negativity any normal person would be on their knees and ready to quit. However, if you look closely enough at the world you’ll see some Absurd Nurds. These Nurds are far from normal, they wouldn’t be anywhere near ready to quit.

They suffer from the same condition every other human suffers from, they are a slave to their vocabulary. Only, Absurd Nurds have developed an odd abnormality. For Absurd Nurds do not follow the Oxford Dictionary, they follow the Absurd Nurd Dictionary. For them, some words don’t have the same meaning as they do to normal people. Unbeknown to them it gives them some form of super power which could describe it as a forcefield. 

The power they receive shreds up negativity at the doorstep. It fills them with relentless energy and drive. With their forcefield activated and vocabulary at hand they storm into the world with both plan and conviction. So convinced they are of what they are about to achieve, like an infection, their idea begins to spread. 

That sure sounds like something we would want. The good news for you and I is we can develop this forcefield too. With it, we will be able to achieve the most unbelievable things. How you might ask, well the first step is to join the Absurd Nurd Community that’s how. The second step might be to hold one of the NFTs for a while, the better way though would be to earn one.

Absurd Nurd Forcefield Evolution

Evolution of the Absurd Nurd Forcefield

Some people can see a blue forcefield around the final Andrew above. Some people cannot. This is because it’s an optical illusion. Well, kind of. It’s pretty much invisible but we can see the effects of it, a bit like gravity. But, for the purposes of demonstration we made it blue.