Absurd Nurds


Nurd Universe

The nurdiest universe that exists in the world of NFTs*


This is about the time where you read that the story starts in a galaxy far far away… but that would be a complete over exaggeration. The furthest place this place will reach is somewhere between reality and your imagination, if you squint really hard. The Nurd Universe exists for some and not for others, it’s best to imagine it’s like Peter Pan – if you believe it then it exists. 

What is it you ask? A mighty fine question… Imagine you are wearing beer goggles but instead of making everyone way more attractive than you’d normally think they are instead you see a world full of twisted positivity. The trick with this world is the more you wear the glasses, the more you become the world. Just as fun as the world with beer goggles except less hangovers and much less run ins with the law.

Buckle up your seats, slip down your slides, get yourself ready for it’s Nurd Universe time…

Why does the Nurd Universe Exist?

In the dark corner of the library covered by the scent of dust and old damp paper sat a timid young boy. A boy surrounded by more books than friends. For these books were less likely to throw a bump, a bruise or a blow of physicality or lack of mentality.  The boy although meek and shy was full of love and joy. He had a joy for learning, a joy for dreaming the boy just wanted to be an astronaut. Studying hard every day, the boy was still subjected to the turmoil that was school.

Each day he would have to endure the tormenting negativity from all those who were jealous and intimidated by his intelligence and determination.

Burt, Burt the intelligent Squirt they would sing.

Burt, Burt the Astronot they would sneer.

One particularly intense day as the big ‘ol bully ‘Billy’ was chipping away at Burt’s resolve there was a flash, time stood still. A small Nurd appeared just sitting on Burt’s shoulder, no bigger than Burt’s hand. He looked at Burt’s stunned face and said “You know Burt if you keep listening to Big ‘ol Bully Billy here you’ll never become an astronaut. In fact Burt you won’t make it past the ripe old age of 18 before you become depressed and fed up of the world and want to escape it.”.

Burt was still too stunned to speak or even blink. “In my world Burt, none of this exists. Every time someone says something nasty or negative it gets translated into something positive instead.” 

Who can see the Nurd Universe?


How do you enter the Nurd Universe?

That is E to the Z.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, you’re in it if you think you are. It’s just a perspective on life. Something that you can and should practice day to day.

Can I have my own Nurd?

There are only 151 unique Absurd Nurds that have made the journey across the worlds but truth be told they can appear anywhere at any time so there is no need to worry. If though, you wish to solidify yourself as an Absurd Sponsor of an Absurd Nurd and keep them in this world for all to be reminded of positivity then again you need not worry. There are 151 unique Absurd Nurd NFT’s which you can purchase from OpenSea should you wish to keep one close.