Absurd Nurds

Absurd Nurd Dictionary

Vocabulary used by Absurd Nurds

Some people find the language that Nurds use to be a little tricky at times which is why the Absurd Nurd Dictionary exists. Sometimes you think you said something to a Nurd but they apply the Absurd Nurd Dictionary filter and hear something completely different instead. 

can't / cannot

[ ka-nt / ka-not ]


  1.  to challenge ones stubbornness to a battle
  2.  requires proof to be brought forward to disproof a theory or belief
someone might say: “you can’t do that, you don’t have the skills”
Absurd Nurds hear: “I’m incapable of doing it and i’m jealous of your drive and ambition”
Absurd Nurds think: “I’m going to do it and we will see who is right in a few years”


[ imm-poss-ee-bl ]


  1. it’s probably not impossible
  2. requires abstract thinking and the consultation of a brain
someone might say: “you can’t do that, it’s impossible!”
Absurd Nurds hear: “I’m incapable of doing it, so you must be too”
Absurd Nurds think: “I bet I could do that like this…”


[ in-tel-ee-gen-ss ]


  1.  something everyone has but some choose not to use
  2.  a mystical thing increased by reading and conversations
someone might say: “that person isn’t very intelligent”
Absurd Nurds hear: “I like to put people down and I should probably read some more books”
Absurd Nurds think: “I wonder what books I can suggest for that person to consume”


[ suh-lee-puh ]


  1.  a human function that is needed
  2.  can be delayed by ambition and passion but probably shouldn’t be
someone might say: “they need to get some sleep”
Absurd Nurds hear: “they aren’t taking good care of themselves”
Absurd Nurds think: “If I enjoy what i’m doing and it feeds my fire then i’m willing to loose a little sleep over it. But I probably should get some sleep.”


[ st-ooh-pid ]


  1.  a person who needs to change some habits and read up a little more
  2.  a person with an idea so awesome everyone is jealous of it
someone might say: “you’re stupid”
Absurd Nurds hear: “I don’t know what i’m talking about but i’m going to try and belittle you”
Absurd Nurds think: “you’re right, i do need to do some more reading. What shall I read this evening?”